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List of click-to-donate sites

A click to donate site is a website where users can click a button to generate a donation for a charity or cause.The money for the donation comes from advertisers whose banners are displayed each time a user clicks the button.

See also: Play to Donate, and Search to donate sites
Go to SJSF Links site/Click to donate sites to see a more organized list and other click to donate directories.

List of free click-to-donate sites

Click to donate sites with multiple causes.

The Hunger
Three causes.You can only click on one cause per day.

Click the click for charity words under the ads and password box. (Formerly
Click the big yellow Clic button.
Two causes: Click to feed an abandon animal and click to help the planet.

Click on any of the 7 banners underneath the big banner.

Donar sin desenbolsar
Maxican site in spanish
Click Entrar, after that click on any of the banners, then click Haz tu donacion por click.To go back to the other banners and click another, click página de inicio.
Advisory:Donar sin Desenbolsar got a red rating from WOT:Web of Trust.

Save the world, one click at a time.
Both a search to donate site and click to donate site.Four charities are available
Make 12 donations to different Click to Donate sites with one click.
Warning:Wiseup got a red rating from McAfee SiteAdvisor.

Click to fight poverty

Click to donate food
India's first free-charity NGO 

No longer available

Click on the button that says Dona Comida Gratis!

Click to donate clean water

Clique Semi-á


Click to donate education

Click the blue "help free of charge" letters.

Click for health

for the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund.

Woord en Daad
Click the Doneer gratis voor gezondheidsproject in Tsjaad! red letters to donate to the free health project in Chad.After that you have to type in the code provided in a box and click the Doneren button.

Click to fight Cancer

Click the pink button at the left of the screen.
The button says: Campanha da Maografia Digital Gratuita.Ayude con sew Clique.

Click to fight HIV/AIDS

Light the candle.

Environmental click to donate site
Many ecological causes.
Save the rain forest and feed chimps.

Click to donate, shop to donate, search to donate, eco tips, and more.

Help plant a tree with clicks.
Part of the Niagara Natural Heritage Corridor Program

Waste site
Clean your country.

The Solar site
Click to Solar Energy Converter
Help plant an oak tree with your click.

Tree 4 Life
Brazilian site
Click on the map to help plant a tree.

Chose any of the causes: Aufforstung, Forest Watch, Lobby-Arbeit, mapping and then click the Stop! button.

Click to safe or feed animals

Feed a cat.

Feed a dog by answering a trivia question.
Feed a cat by answering the trivia question.

Click the banner at the far right.

Other Click to Donate sites

The Bible site
Donate Bibles to Persecuted Christians Worldwide free.

Click as many times as you want.

Polish Click to Donate sites.

Click the banner underneath the sun.

Click the bread.

Click the tummy of the doll.

Click the heart.
Click to donate food

Japanese Click to Donate sites.

Click one of the pictures.
Cause: Protect women from cervical cancer.
Click the blue ribbon button.
Click on the children pictures.

Click on the cup.

Click on any of the pictures.

Click one of the three balloons, and then the button that comes afterwards in the center of the picture.

Click on any of the three buttons inside the orange square.

Scroll down and click the orange button with the Earth inside.

Click the silvery button on the low left side of the screen. Another silvery button will appear after your click, click it.
Your clicks helps support organizations working to prevent suicide.

Click on any of the three buttons inside the orange square.
Click the green button to help plant trees.
Click the green button to help plant trees. 

Click the big orange banner.

Click to Donate to Unicef.

Brazilian Click to donate sites
Click to donate food to Brazil

Listen to Donate
Help prevent teen suicide by clicking and listening to music.

Play to Donate

Play free games and help a charity.
There are several game categories.They include:37 Action games, 23 Casino and Card games, 33 Other games, 85 Puzzle and Strategy games, 15 Retro - Arcade games 28 RPGs, and 26 Sports games.
Four available charities:Care a charity that donates wheat, charity: water, The Oaktree Foundation a charity that provides education, and The Natural Conservancy a global organisation dedicated to protecting land and waters on which the diversity of life depends.
Play to Donate Food sites

Answer the questions and then submit your name and e-mail to complete the donation.
They only send one e-mail after each game.

Play different word games to donate rice.

Answer the trivia questions to donate flour and bread.

German site
Answer the questions to donate rise.
Note:This site is in german but it can be translated to English or other languages using IE8 with Google toolbar.

Play to Donate Water sites

Find the mentioned locations on the map.

Memorize and recall numbers.

Environmental Play to Donate Sites

Answer the questions to help plant trees.

Play to Feed the Animals

Feed a dog by answering a trivia question.
Feed a cat by answering the trivia question.

Experience project/save cats
Play the trivia to feed cats.

Experience project/save dogs

Play the trivia to feed dogs.

Other Play to Donate sites

Coupon Quiz
The site is dedicated to giving grocery coupons to military families.


Search to Donate sites
Their motto: You search we give.
You chose the charity.

Their motto:Save the world, one click at a time.
Both a search to donate site and a click to donate site.Four charities are available.

Your searches benefit charity.
About Search Kindly:Search Kindly lets you donate money for free just by using Google from their page instead of any other. They take the money that you directly and indirectly donate to us and use it to build mobile libraries for underserved schools.
Every visit raises money that is donated to UNICEF.

Support your favorite cancer charities and research
organizations by surfing the web.
Not functioning at the moment.

do Great
Their motto:
You Search the Web, We'll Donate to Charity.
Chose a charity and search the web to fundraise for them.
Advisory: Everyclick may install QuickTime into your computer start-up through Internet Explorer.

Chose your favorite charities and support them with your searches.
Advisory:Good Tree has been rated yellow by WOT:Web of Trust.
Lookle donates up to 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.

Magic taxi
MagicTaxi gives 50% of its advertising revenue to charity.
Chose your favorite charity and search to give.

Environmental Search to Donate sites
With each search at Forestle you save 0.1 yd² of rainforest for free.
Motto:Your environmentally conscious portal.
Motto:You search.We grow trees.

Sites with free donation systems different from click to donate sites

Help Grow your food from Cambells
Vote for a barn you would like Cambells to preserve and they will donate one dollar to the FFA.
Sponsor a Child.


Install to Donate


Social Networking

Good Social Network (Down &/or possibly defunct) Updated February 2012
Join and select a charity. The money earned by the website from advertisements placed on your blogs, groups, and pages goes to the charity you selected.